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2016-11-15 13:14:48

NINE HOME IMPROVEMENT TIPS TO INCREASE VALUE Spruce up your home without putting yourself in the poorhouse. Whether you're getting ready to sell your home or want to spiff it up inexpensively for your own enjoyment, we've got 9 strategies for you to consider. These simple upgrades can easily add thousands of dollars to your home's value.

9. Make the kitchen cook. The kitchen is still considered the heart of the home. For a few hundred dollars, you can replace the kitchen faucet set, add new cabinet door handles and update old lighting fixtures with brighter, more energy-efficient ones. If you've got a slightly larger budget, you can give the cabinets themselves a makeover. Rather than spring for a whole new cabinet system, which can be expensive, try painting. A fresh coat of paint or stain over the whole set, your cabinets will look like new.

8. Update the appliances. If your kitchen appliances don't match, order new doors or face panels for them. Keep an eye out for sales on matching stainless steel appliance sets. A more cohesive-looking kitchen makes a big difference in the buyer's mind -- and in the home's resale price.

7. Shine up the bath. Next to the kitchen, bathrooms are often the most important rooms to update. They, too, can be improved without a lot of cash. Even simple things like a new toilet seat make a big difference. Put on a fresh coat of paint and hang new towels are also a cheap but the easiest way to spiff up the bathroom won’t cost a dime. A good scrubbing will make a dingy shower and floor look new again.

6. Yard work. Curb appeal makes a huge difference on first impressions. Mowing, weeding, and growing some basic plants are all cheap but time consuming. If your short on time hire a local landscaper to help out, your buyer will appreciate it with a higher offer price.

5. Clean the windows. Open those blinds and curtains and let the light shine through. Just be sure the windows are clean! Rooms appear larger when they are well lit. Additionally no one wants to look out at the mountain views through spotty glass.

4. Potted flowers and fresh landscaping. Some well-placed bushes with new mulch will take the buyers attention off the less than desirable features on your yard. Potted flowers will add color to the entry and living areas. The best part is you can take them with when you move!

3. Organize it or get it out: Crowded closets, too much stuff piled into the garage? Buy shelves and organizers for neat storage. Or better yet if you are not going to use those ski’s and holiday decorations in the next 90 days move it to a storage facility. This way, buyers will focus on how much space the home has, instead of how much stuff is in it.

2. Paint, Paint, Paint! Yes, it’s that simple. Paint usually costs under $50, but can make a dramatic improvement to your home’s appeal. So, strip off the old wallpaper and sand off the walls for fresh coat of paint. Keep in mind though, that if you’re looking to sell your home soon, neutral colors are better for potential buyers.

1. Spend an hour with a Pro. Invite a STEPS Agent over to check out your home. We do this as a courtesy, but you will have to pay a consultation fee if you were to hire a designer. In an hour a STEPS Agent will give you lots of ideas for needed improvements. Even small suggested improvements, such as paint colors or furniture placement, will go a long way toward improving the look and feel of your home. There are many other aspects of selling a home that can be tough to handle and work through. This is a prime reason why you need a qualified, experienced Agent like a STEPS Agent. We've held more hands than doors, and we can help you get through the sometimes pain-staking process of selling your home. Call us to come in for a no obligation consultation about the best way to get your home SOLD.

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